In this weeks learning path we are required to revise all of our knowledge on the theories, models and frameworks we have learnt in the course so far. By doing this it will be helpful for completing assignment 3 and will benefit my upcoming prac. Below is the table I have completed on my revision:

Theory                      Purpose                                                                    Application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience

CLEM Model

Help understand how to learn about a new 

ICT and how to use it to enhance student learning.

If there are any new ICTs you need to 
use it might help your explorations.

Hence might be useful as a part of the 
planning process for Part B

TPACK Framework

Thinking about the use 
of ICTs to enhance and transform student learning

What ICT’s I will use to enhance and transform

the learning of the students in my class. Part B of

the assignment

Backwards design

It helps teach towards the “end point” or learning 

goals set. It involves three stages of identifying 

the desired results, determine what data can be

collected to show that the students have learned

the desired outcomes and design activities that

will make desired results happen. 

Teaching lessons that are apart of the bigger picture

to help students reach the desired result. Part B and

C of the assignment. 

SAMR Model

The SAMR model is a framework to introduce 

and then integrate technology in the classroom

 When introducing new ICT’s into the classroom and

how I will integrate it. Part B of the assignment.

TIP Model

It is designed to help with the integration of 

ICTs into learning and teaching.

 Part B of the assignment. Will help with integrating

ICT’s within my lessons.

The 5 E’s

It helps learners build or construct new ideas 

on top of their old ideas through each stage of 

Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. 

 If I use this approach in some of my lessons.

Incorporate an inquiry approach. Part C of 



To help students understand the purpose of what

and why they are doing something. We are 

learning to and what i’m looking for.  

 During the lesson it will be important to explain to

students the purpose of why and what they are

doing. Lessons for Part C of the assignment.  


Connectivism gives to technology’s effect on 

how people live, communicate and learn. It is

a learning theory for the digital age.

 When planning lesson it will be important to think 

about how the student learn. 

Bloom’s Taxonomy

It encourages the use of higher order thinking

to help students to engage and have a deeper 

understanding with their learning.

 Important for students to move from low to higher

order of thinking. Can be use in lesson planning. 

Postman’s 5 things

To identify some aspects of technological change

that you may hardly ever see, let alone question.

 When choosing what ICT’s to use in the classroom.

How could this be different because of technological

change. Part B of the assignment. 

Toolbelt theory/

TEST Framework

To think about the selection of ICT’s you will use.
What tools can help you with your study and what 
tools may help you with your students’ learning.

 Important when planning what types of ICT’s I will

use for a particular lesson or task.  


It will help us make sense of our world 

and work more effectively.

 What will I bring from my PKM into how I teach.