As a part of this weeks learning path, we were required to complete 4 modules through the Connect.ed online learning course. While working through each of the modules I realised that I didn’t know how much there was to learning about internet safety. As I have grown up in this technological world I had to learn the necessities of being safe on the internet by myself as there was really no one to teach me. I’m happy that there is this resource that teachers and pre-service teachers like myself can use in order to teach students everything they need to know when they are accessing the internet.

On the Cybersmart website they provide many resources and strategies to help teachers and students learn the importance of internet safety. A major issue with students using the internet is the cyberbullying. Students need to be made aware of the consequences of their actions online. In module 4 you are required to brainstorm ideas for a lesson plan that you could use to teach students about internet safety. A resource that I thought would useful is CyberQuoll which is a key resource for teaching internet safety were students use computer-based activities to discover the good, bad and ugly sides of the internet. 

If you want to learn more and also find other useful resources please visit the Cybersmart website for more information. Here is my Connect.ed Cybersmart Certificate